Big Bream – Lower Hawkesbury 19-11-2016

Afternoon session in the entrance of the Hawkesbury for only one hit, but what a hit! It was the last of the run out tide with moderate and gusty SSE winds that made hard work but persistence paid off. I was after a solid bream so I stuck with the plan and avoided dropping back to small soft plastics or moving into the shallows. I spent most of the time slow rolling a Prolure S36 Crank – Tiger Shrimp around washes and flats.

I was casting into the wind and slow rolling the lure at a steady speed with the rod tip down when I got smashed by a kicker bream that came in a smidge over 38cm fork length. I would have loved to have weighed it as it was massive through the back and really fat. I would have to put it down as a 1kg bream for sure.

Such a good feeling when a plan works in a new spot.

As always, big bream was released to live another day. (Please come back when your even bigger!)

Full trip report here




mfb-191116-03 mfb-191116-04 mfb-191116-06 mfb-191116-02mfb-191116-01




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