Ecogear SX40F – my favourite hard body lure

The Ecogear SX40F range is my favourite hard body lure right now. SX40 - 348Ecogear have done a superb job designing these lures. They come in a variety of colours that suit a wide range of natural environments.  My personal favourite right now is colour 348 (black and red). I’ve caught bream, flathead, whiting and tailor on this lure. The tight shimmy action and slow floating buoyancy of these lures really turns fish on. Personally I like to use a variety of retrieval speeds from a slow troll or ‘walk the dog’ type retrieval to a quicker jerky retrieve. I often find a varied retrieve can induce a deadly strike on the pause.


Length: 40mm

Weight: 2.5g

Dive depth: 1m

Action: tight shimmy

Big brothers: SX 43F / SX 48F / SX 60F”







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