Bream and flathead in Narrabeen Lake

I just managed to catch the last hour of light today and it was absolutely beautiful. I started out throwing the Ecogear VX40 (435). This is the first time I’ve used this lure and I love it! It casts like a bullet, especially on the light line. It wasn’t long before I was onto a nice little flathead that gave plenty of head shakes on its way to the net. Soon after I was into a nice little 23cm bream that fought well above its weight. The retrieve action that worked best on the VX40 was small little jerks just enough to let the lure flick of the bottom with a few vibes, like a small injured fish, followed by a pause. It’s not unusual to get hit while the lure is sitting still on the bottom or on the first twitch after a long pause.

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20150523 Narrabeen Lake 10

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