Hawkesbury Bream, Flathead and Mulloway – 04-11-2016

Hawkesbury Bream, Flathead and Mulloway 04-11-2016.

Early morning launch from Bayview was the start of a great day. It was an eerie morning with lots of smoke from the local back burning. Much windier than predicted, it seemed like the air was being compressed under the fog smoke and creating extra wind. It settled down as soon as the smoke lifted.

I fished the lower Hawkesbury around Porto Bay and the bridges. Not much to rave about but it was still a great day to be out. It was a mixed bag with fish coming from Cranka Crabs, Zman grubs and Proline crank tiger shrimp shallow diver. The biggest fish was a flatty @ 47cm but I was probably happiest with the mulloway because I haven’t lure fished for them much before. Hopefully there will be some bigger ones as the season kicks in. The bream front was pretty disappointing really with only a couple of fish between 20 – 25cm. I did drop a couple of bigger fish which was disappointing but encouraging at the same time.

The trip back was pretty hairy with the run out tide through the middle of the Hawkesbury entrance really kicking the waves up. Note to self, cross over further upstream and come up the south side to avoid the run out waves.

Full report here

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