Bayview Flatties 01-03-2019

I got out yesterday afternoon and was quickly reminded that I love this type of fishing. Two nice flathead the best going 55cm. Read all about it here

Mona Vale Beach Fishing 21-04-2018

12 fish (10 dart, 1 whiting, 1 Flathead) on worms Read about it here

Good Friday Whiting 2017

Fished the Alvey 55B on the Alvey 555 rod. I really love this set-up with light line and weight. Eight whiting on beach worms. Read all about it here

Pittwater bream on hard body lures 28-12-2016

14-mfb-20161228Afternoon session in Pittwater for a great afternoon of fishing! Bream, Flathead and Squire all on Proline Tiger Shrimp hard bodies. Read all about it here

Big Bream – Lower Hawkesbury 19-11-2016

mfb-191116-03Afternoon session in the entrance of the Hawkesbury for only one hit, but what a hit! 38cm fork length Bream. Read all about it here

Hawkesbury Bream, Flathead and Mulloway 04-11-2016

Matts Fishing BlogEarly morning launch from Bayview was the start of a great day. It was an eerie morning with lots of smoke from the local back burning. Bream, Flathead and small Mulloway made a un day. Read all about it here


Pittwater Squid – 21-10-2016

20161023_190428Got out after work for some squid and some Kingfish down rigging.  Report and photos here


Narrabeen Lake Flathead & Olympus TG4 test – 07-11-2015

 I got out today to test my new Olympus TG4 camera. Only managed one little flathead and the weather was rubbish. The test results from the new Olympus TG4 are very promising. Full report here

Narrabeen Lake – light line wins again – 11-10-2015 

05-MFB-20151011Early morning fish up the back of Narrabeen Lake today. It started out as another very quiet morning but ended with three flathead the best going 49cm, one bream and one whiting. Full report here


Narrabeen Lake flathead and whiting – 05-10-2015

20151005_110115This morning was my first fish of the season after the winter shutdown, though after this morning I’m not sure if fish know it’s time to wake up. It was quiet to say the least. I fished from 6:30am to 11am and worked really hard for two small flathead and two whiting. Full report here

Crystal Bay Newport – 06-06-2015

Tailor 06-06-2015I just caught the last half hour of light today but hey, any time with a wet line is better than none. Given the short time frame I thought I may as well try out Crystal Bay, Newport.

Full report here

Narrabeen Lake – 23-05-2015

20150523 Narrabeen Lake 11I just managed to catch the last hour of light today and it was absolutely beautiful. I started out throwing the Ecogear VX40 (435). This is the first time I’ve used this lure and I love it!

Read more here

Narrabeen Lake – Monster 72cm Flathead – 09-05-2015

Narrabeen Lake 20150509 - 008What started out as a very quiet session wading around the back of Narrabeen Lake ended up with a personal best flathead on light line. A 72cm, 3kg flathead on 1.8kg line.

Read more here

Bayview – 25-04-2015

1429950079889Afternoon fun before the storm hit.
Bream, flathead, whiting and taylor. Nice to pull a big bream out of Bayview.
All fish caught on blades and released.

Read more here

Northern Beaches secret spot – 06-04-2015

2015-04-06 19.41.35

Early morning hard body lure session
Half a dozen flathead
Couple of bream and whiting
All fish released
Every weekend should be a four day weekend

Read more here

Bayview – 21-02-2015

 2015-02-23 14.12.08

Had a great little session breaking in some new blades. Flathead, taylor and baby snapper on lures.

So much fun on light gear. Read more here