Welcome to Matt’s fishing Blog.

 mfb-port-01In short this is a fun place where I share my fishing experiences. Please don’t take this site as anything too serious. I’ve lived on the Northern Beaches of Sydney for over 30 years where I grew up fishing on the rocks and beach at Mona Vale. My favourite and most relaxing type of fishing is throwing small lures on light line for bream. I’ve also fished ABT bream competition and  I used to do bit of Kayak fishing.

With everything that comes with kids and work I spent some time without a boat or kayak but things have recently changed when I managed to get myself a small tinny to fit out myself. I absolutely loved that process and I have shared as much as I can in Matt’s Tinny Pimp. My tinny really stands out with it’s orange wrap so if you see me on the water please come and say G’day.

If you have any questions about anything on Matt’s Fishing Blog please feel free to contact me via the contact link below.

Hope to see you on the water! bayview-boat-20161104




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