Tinny Pimp – flooring

Time for the tinny pimp flooring. Here are my top tips for flooring:

  • Buy marine ply
  • The cheaper AA marine ply is just as good as more expensive stuff, especially seeing it will be sealed
  • Seal the ply well with an epoxy sealant
  • Watch out for the sealant drips that can harden into lumps on the underside.
  • 12mm ply felt the best too me but you could get away with 9mm if your happy to have a bit of movement under foot as 9mm is more flexible
  • Create a template with cardboard before cutting
  • The gap for carpet is around 4.5mm per side.
  • Remember two carpeted pieces butted up against each other will need a gap of 18mm (4.5mm x 4 sides)

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