Tinny Pimp – finished & first water test

Today my tinny had its first water test. After drilling some decent size holes in it for the livewell and bilge I was slightly apprehensive. DRY! absolutely no water in the bilge. It sits great on the water and rides better than I expected. Checkout the video and photos here Cheers Matt

Tinny Pimp Electrics

Having finished installing all the Tinny Pimp electrics myself I have to say I found this whole process one of the most satisfying jobs of the Tinny Pimp and the new skills are really great to have. Being an absolute novice at electrics I really can’t comment too much on how to solder other than to say I…

Marine carpet for tinny pimp

When it came to the carpeting some questions needed to be answered: which carpet, which glue, how thick is the carpet, how to apply, additional securing? Here is a rundown on how I installed my marine carpeted for the tinny pimp. Read about it here  

Tinny Pimp – flooring

Time for the tinny pimp flooring. Here are my top tips for flooring: Buy marine ply The cheaper AA marine ply is just as good as more expensive stuff, especially seeing it will be sealed Seal the ply well with an epoxy sealant Watch out for the sealant drips that can harden into lumps on…

Tinny Pimp Floor Frame

The floor frame is well underway now and I’m really happy with the results. The layout I have decided to go with includes a bow and starboard casting platforms, level middle section with underfloor rod locker. The rod locker has been a lot more work and fiddly than expected as it extends under the front…