Pittwater Bream on hardbody lures

Session in Pittwater for a great afternoon of fishing! It was so windy I spent the first few hours flicking hards, vibes and softs in any sheltered area I could find. The lure that got all the hits was the Prolure D36 Crank – Tiger Shrimp. Three little squire came first from above some seagrass beds, all small but it was nice to keep things moving. I picked up a great eating size (51cm) flatty around a wharf on the east side. Again slow rolling the D36 Tiger Shrimp did the trick.

I was after solid bream so I stuck with the plan and when the wind dropped I moved to some shallow flats and swapped to the shallower diving Proline S36 range. I spent most of the time slow rolling Prolure S36 Cranks in several colours (Tiger Shrimp, Matt Black, Phantom) but again all fish came on the Tigger Shrimp. There is something special about this colour pattern for me.

I was casting in all directions in relation to the wind and slow rolling the lure at a steady speed with the rod tip down when I got smashed by the first bream that came in a smidge over 31cm fork length. The second bream hit me around an hour later @ 7pm. This one fought really hard, probably harder than my last 38cm bream. I love that first look at shiny bream colour as it comes to the surface. The truth mat scored it at 35cm fork, a nice solid fish but not quite the 40cm I’m after.

As always, bream and squire were all released to live another day. I can’t say that same for the flathead which went home for dinner. Sorry Mr Flathead.

Full trip report here



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