Crystal Bay – Newport – 06-06-2015

Date: 06-06-2015

Time: 1630 – 1715hrs

Sunset: 16:53hrs

Tide: low 0.6m @ 16:39hrs

Water: Dark with slimy green weed in it. Weed kept clogging lures.

Water Temp: approx. 200

Weather: fine and still, no wind. Cold.

Weather background: light rain yesterday.

Air Temp: 140

Pressure: 1029 hPa

Gear: G-Loomis IMX-S841-2, Shimano Sustain 1000, 2lb Sunline Super FC sniper straight through. Wild Prawn cracked pepper - 2

Lures: Squidgies Pro Range Wild Prawn 65mm in cracked pepper colour + Berkley Bream Pro Jighead 1/24oz #4 + S factor sent


  • Tailor x 3 – 30cm on Squidgies Wild Prawn

I just caught the last half hour of light today but hey, any time with a wet line is better than none. Given the short time frame I thought I may as well try out Crystal Bay, Newport, along the southern shore. I’ve fished this spot years ago in my boat and caught bream, flathead and even trevally while throwing small soft plastics around the moorings, but I have never fished it from the shore.

I also tried out the 2lb Sunline Super FC sniper fished straight through. It’s been so long since I fished fluorocarbon straight through and I had forgotten how much stretch there is in fluorocarbon when compared to braid. 2Lb (0.9kg) really is ridiculously light line but so much fun!

All I managed was three small tailor at around 30cm on the Squidgies. In the last twenty minutes I switched over to the VX40 blade then the SX40 but there was a gunky green slimy weed that kept clogging the lures and impacting their action (not fun). All fish were successfully released.

All-in-all even though it wasn’t a great fish it was still worth checking out this spot. I think it would probably fish better a little earlier in the year and the weed would be easier to manage with the soft plastics.

Chop chop chopper ain’t much chop!

Tailor 06-06-2015

Crystal Bay Newport



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