G.Loomis IMX S841-2

This is a beautiful rod.G.Loomis IMX S841-2 - 07


My G.Loomis IMX S841-2 is by far my favourite rod. I’ve never found another rod like it. I own two other G.Loomis GL3’s but the IMX S841-2 is in another league.

This is an ultra-light action rod with a short grip. It is so light and balanced it feels like an extension of my arm. It casts beautify and the retrieval feels like the lure is in my fingers. You can feel everything through the rod, every little bump and tap. When hooking a fish the rod softly loads into a beautiful arch that allows light line fish play feel like a delicate dance rather than a ridged skull drag.  I marry this rod with a Shimano Sustain 1000, 4lb braid and 4lb fluorocarbon leader. The whole outfit is refined, sophisticated and can only be describes as fishing luxury.

The short grip allows a completely different action when casting and controlling lures. It allows a much more wristy action with the tiniest twitch being all that’s needed to add action to lures. Keep an eye out for my post on short grip rods coming soon.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love this rod.





Maker: G.Loomis USA

Model: S841-2 IMX

Blank: IMX

Pieces: 2

Length: 7’

Line class: 1-3kg

Lure: 1-5g

Taper: fast

Action: light

Front grip length: 60mm

Rear grip length: 105mm

Base to reel arm: 150mm

Reel seat: Fuji DPS16

Overall grip length: 270mm

Grip type: cork

Description: Ultra-light, single handed rod for finesse lure fishing

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