Bayview 21-02-2015

Bayview Sand Spit

Date: 21-02-2015

Time: 1600-1800hrs

Tide: low 0.2m

Weather: overcast and rain at end of session

Gear: G-Loomis IMX-S841-2, Shimano Sustain 1000, 4lb fireline, 4lb Sunline Super FC sniper leader, FG knot

Lures: blades and hard bodies


  • Flathead – 35cm on blade
  • Taylor x 2 – 25cm on Ecogear sx40 (red)
  • Snapper – 23cm on Ecogear sx40 (red)

Notes: Cast north from sand spit towards yachts, let blade sink under boats before varied twitches. Often hit on the pause.

2015-02-23 14.12.08




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