Tinny Pimping Post One – The New Boat – 23-01-2016

SO stoked to be into a boat again. My last boat was sold ten years ago when my eldest was born and I’ve been grieving the loss ever since. I’ve been doing lots of research over the last six months on what to buy. Money was definitely a consideration but I also didn’t want to miss out on what I really wanted for the sake of a few grand.

On my wish list was a boat that is:

  • big enough to put the family on (closed waters only)
  • small enough for the kids to learn how to use
  • easily throw in myself
  • really stable at rest so I can stand on a casting platform while using a bow mount Minn Kota
  • something I can pimp

After looking around for a while I decided the Stacer Proline 399 looked like the goods. It was a bit bigger and deeper than the Quintrex Explorer 390 but still light. I also really like the floor layout of the 2015 model 399, I think it will lend itself better to my pimp plan.

I hunted around for about 5 months but I was finding the gap between a used boat, a few years, old and a new boat was only a couple a grand. So when Stacer had their 2015 runout sale, and the last few 2015 model 399’s were in stock, my arm was twisted (not that it took much twisting).

So I’m now the owner of a new Proline 399 with Suzuki 30hp elect start 2 stroke. The guys at Blake’s marine really looked after me. Great service and really nice people.

I’m really looking forward to the process of pimping this boat as much as using it.

Can’t wait to share the journey with you.



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