WaterScreen Nano fuel filter set-up

34317_picI recently decided to put a fuel filter on the boat to protect the motor from fuel contaminated with water. The choice of filter was easy; the WaterScreen nano fuel filter from Whitworths ($57) is rated for outboards up to 70hp and seemed perfect. The process was pretty simple, however, I had to look around a bit to work out how the inlet and outlet system works. In the end I found a great video on you tube by Dangar Marine  – Link

The inlet and outlet ports are actually really simple. There is an inlet and outlet on each side of the top and you can use whatever combination of these you like. You can come in and out on the same side or you can come in one side and out the other. You just plug off the ports you don’t need to use with the provided brass screw in plugs.

The only other important point to note is the location in the fuel line. The filter must be placed between the fuel tank and the priming bulb.

Here are a couple of vids and photos showing my setup.



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