Olympus TG4

The Olympus TG4 is a great little camera that is perfect for fishing. 000062479The TG-4 is a waterproof rugged camera able to withstand drops from 2.1m high, freezing temperatures down to -10°C, crushing pressures of 100kg, dusty conditions, and water depths down to 15m.

The TG4 has both RAW and JPG capability however at this stage I am finding the JPG images are actually processing better. Of the Z-olympus_tg4-beauty-red-400px-PRattached images only one was taken from the raw file. I processed both the RAW set and JPG set then ranked the results without looking at the file names. Nearly every time I rated the JPG as a better looking image. No matter what I did to the RAW file in Lightroom I could not match the cameras JPG processing of mid-tones and highlights. The RAW files seem too contrasty or flat (with nothing in between). This defies what I know about photo editing but I guess the results speak for themselves. There are still plenty of modes I have not played with so I look forward to seeing what else I can get from the TG4. Overall for around $400 I think this is a great little camera for fishing.

The flathead was successfully released after posing for some photos.